To my patients,

whom I love like family, because you are my family.

Many of you know my story very well, as so many of you have been members of our practice for years and you’ve watched my family grow from two to five. Jamie and I came to Utah with a mission to make an impact on people’s lives by helping them change their health by living a chiropractic lifestyle. We came here in 2012 with no kids, just two young ambitious (probably stupid) entrepreneurs leaving our family and friends in Illinois, anxious and excited to create our own life in Salt Lake City. In late November of 2012 we opened Align Family Chiropractic.

In our personal lives, one year later in 2013 our hometown was struck by a devastating tornado. My parents and two sisters’ houses were all barely missed, but you could see entire neighborhoods from each of their windows that were flattened to the ground. Jamie’s parents were out of their house for over 6 months. This was the first time it was really hard for us to be away from home.

In 2014 we had our first child. And our second. TWINS!! Our twins have been the biggest blessing in our life, but they were also an abrupt jump into parenthood - double the diapers, double the wake-up calls, double the teething - and it made us realize how great it would be to have all four of our children’s grandparents, five of their great-grandparents, three aunts and uncles, seven cousins, great-aunts, etc - all within 15 minutes of each other. This is when we started exploring the idea of moving our family back to Illinois.

Now, here we are, four years and one more child later, and we are selling our practice and moving back to Illinois. We never pushed too hard for this to happen, we just continued to serve our patients and our community with a hope of “someday” moving home. We absolutely love Salt Lake and the whole state of Utah and we absolutely knew that we wanted to stay committed to our patients until the very last day (and beyond). Although we are heartbroken to leave behind the community and the relationships we have built, this is an answer to our prayers.

Throughout the years we have had an amazing experience at Align, highlighted by our 2017 Best of Utah in Alternative Medicine award, which would not have been possible without the support of our amazing community. We have seen some amazing things, including many patients getting off dozens of medications, losing over 100 lbs, cancelling surgeries, reversing diseases, and changing their own lives. It’s hard to estimate the number of people we have seen lose over 30 lbs in our office, it’s probably in the hundreds. We’ve helped pregnant mothers’ breech babies flip over (including our own son!), we’ve seen kids stop having ear infections or quit wetting the bed, and I’ve adjusted newborn infants as young as 36 hours old. Nothing makes me more proud than these stories of life change, but in reality we just helped remove the interference - the body does the healing.

I have searched for the right doctor to come in and continue this legacy at Align. I have actually turned down prospective buyers who wanted to turn Align into something it’s not. Dr. Roy contacted me about this practice because he liked the philosophy we have and the culture we have built around that philosophy - that your body is designed to heal and if you remove any interference from that healing power, the body can and it will heal. Chiropractic removes interference from your body’s healing ability through the nervous system. Proper diet, exercise, stress management, detox, supplementation - these can all remove interferences from healing. Dr. Roy believes this philosophy and we are so excited to have him take over and continue teaching this to our community.

My only request to my patients is that you continue living this philosophy. Continue honoring your body’s ability to heal and function. Continue to get adjusted. Continue to eat well. Continue to take the right supplements. Continue to learn about health and healing and different ways that you can maximize your own health potential. And please continue to turn to Dr. Roy and Align Utah for guidance and coaching.

I thank you all, I will miss you all, but most of all - I love you all!

Dr. Taylor

With Joy We Welcome: Dr. Mike!

Hello Align Utah Family!

I have had the opportunity to meet many of you and I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome I have received so far! For those of you I haven't met, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you all know about some exciting developments at Align Utah.

As most of you know, Dr. Taylor and his family are soon making a life-changing move to Illinois and as of September 10th I took over as your new Chiropractor. I wanted to let you know that being here at Align Utah is an incredible opportunity to fulfill my own dreams and to help as many people as possible with their health!

For the past few years I have practiced chiropractic, advanced in my techniques and abilities, and learned from amazing doctors around the country to better serve you. I have practiced in Texas, California, and Colorado, which has given me a fantastic idea about how different environments can stress or alter bodily function. I am so excited to be here in the Salt Lake Valley as it is a wonderful place to live. After speaking with Dr. Taylor, I thought this would be a great opportunity especially since his focus was on wellness. It was crazy how similar our philosophies were and I knew this was a perfect match!

Just to let you know a little more about myself, I graduated chiropractic school from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. My passion has always been chiropractic wellness care, so much so that I became certified in Applied Kinesiology and have worked with specific nutrition companies. I have also become advanced in child adjusting techniques. I have been active in my life and have loved that lifestyle. Most of my childhood consisted of ice hockey as I played all the way into college. You will find me spending most of my time, outside the office with my wife Danika and our four children.

I know change can be a bit disconcerting, so I want to be perfectly clear on what you can expect in the months to come. Some of you have already had some questions. Rest assured, the wellness philosophy will continue here at Align Utah, so most of the techniques, supplements and care plans will remain exactly the same as they have been. Our staff, techniques and nutrition you have come to love and trust will be here to help you further your healthcare needs and fulfill our wellness philosophy.

I'm also very excited to let you know that our clinic is working on expanding our services to integrate some of my additional testing techniques, as well as adding new supplement lines that I know are going to be a great benefit in many of the cases I've reviewed.

I am so excited to get to know you all, and I will to do everything possible to be the best doctor I can for you. Thank you in advance for this wonderful opportunity.

Sincerely , Dr. Mike

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