GI Wellness Collection


GI Wellness Collection


This collection supports G.I. health, functions to decrease intestinal permeability, promotes healthy microbiome terrain, improves tight junctions and recolonizes the G.I. system with healthy bacteria in the correct places and rids the body of unhealthy gut bacteria, and helps restore normal intestinal Gut/Brain function.

Collection Contains:

ZGlutn (Gluten Control)- helps digest casein and gluten including all the glutelins and gliadins from grains rendering them non-offensive to the immune system.

LGUT (Leaky Gut Mastery) – Restores the integrity to gut intestinal barrier and enterocyte function. Closes tight junctions and helps reduce inflammation.

FBR (Fibers for Intestinal Health) – Prebiotic to feed all the probiotics also feeds enterocytes. Support uptake of nutrients and removes waste from gallbladder secretions.

MBC (Microbiome Colonizer) – A Megadose probiotic with 10 strains of enterically encapsulated probiotics to re-colonize the G.I. tract.

*A pill case, patient DVD & booklet to assist them in further understanding this program.

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