GI Pathogen Purge Collection


GI Pathogen Purge Collection


This collection cleans and detoxifies the GI tract, promotes a purge of pathogens out of the GI tract and helps to balance GI dysbiosis.  It helps to reduce unwanted SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) with a strong herbal anti-microbial program.

Collection Contains:
#3 (Bactrex) – Helps the immune system eliminate unwanted bacterial pathogens.

#4 (FungDX) – Herbal anti-fungal combinations.  Helps the body remove fungus and fungal metabolites.

BIND (Toxin Eliminator) – Super-Activated carbon to absorb, toxins, mycotoxins, chemicals, and heavy metals.  Also helps remove bio-toxins from the GI tract.

ENZEE (High Potency Enzyme) – Enzyme to help clean out protein and carbohydrate cellular debris from the microvilli.

*Patient DVD & booklet to assist them in further understanding this program.

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