Take a functional approach to your health.

If you suffer from these conditions, a functional approach to your health may be able to help you: 

Low Energy

Chronic Fatigue


Autoimmune Disease

Type 2 Diabetes

Brain Fog

Thyroid Problems

Hashimoto's or Graves'

Skin Conditions - Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne

Adrenal Fatigue

Irritable Bowel Disease

Crohn's Disease

 Ulcerative Colitis

Digestive Disorders

Weight-Loss Resistance

Hormone Imbalance

Autism Spectrum Disorders



How is align Different?


Align is different than most healthcare offices because of our healing philosophy and our focus on getting to the root cause of your problems. More often today, people are beginning to realize that the medical system simply treats symptoms with dangerous medications and does not take a holistic approach to health.  Many natural healthcare practitioners do the same without realizing it- they treat symptoms (digestive issues as an example) or lab tests (thyroid or adrenal testing) with natural supplements without asking "Why did this happen?" Rather than a simple "take this for that" mentality, at Align we look for the root cause and the specific variables that play a role in making a person unhealthy in today's society. 

    We are different because we rely on a combination of proper lifestyle strategies rather than just relying on expensive lab testing and dozens of supplements. This allows patients to save costs and invest that money into the things they actually need and actually work to reach Real Health. 

    We pride ourselves on educating our clients, making complex physiology seem simple, and teaching clients to think differently about exactly why they developed their health issues. This empowers them to make the changes necessary to take control of their health. 

Our team at Align would love to talk to you about how we can help you support your body's natural, God-given ability to be healthy.

How does it work?


Real Health Assessment $199 (includes 2 appointments):

Detailed 9-page health history - filled out before appointment so Dr. Taylor can review

60-Minute Real Health Consultation and Case Review


30-Minute Real Health Recommendations: (follow-up appointment to go over)

-Lab Testing Recommendations

-Lifestyle Recommendations

-Supplement and/or Protocol Recommendations

-Supporting Resources

-Follow-Up Appointment or Care Package Recommendations




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