I was thinking today about my parents and their relationship to my babies and thinking about how - even though they don't know it yet, my daughters are so grateful that my parents get adjusted, take care of their health, and do what they can to make sure that they are around for as long as possible. It got me thinking - we all have people in our life who rely on us and need us in ways which we don't even know, so if you really think about it, who is grateful that you get adjusted - and perhaps you don't even know it?

Maybe you are like my parents and you have small grandchildren. It's so valuable to them that you are around for as long as you can be, they want you at their wedding in 20 years, they are so grateful that you get adjusted!

Maybe you don't have kids yet, or you have younger children but you know that someday you will have grandkids (or even better great-grandkids), even the unborn ones are grateful!

Maybe your back pain has gone away and your energy is through the roof and now you can wrestle with the kids instead of watching from the sidelines, they are so grateful to make memories they will never forget!

Maybe your headaches have gone away and you've thrown your meds in the Drug Tank and those teenage children are so grateful to have their mom back! (yes even teenagers are grateful sometimes, they'll tell you in 10 years)

Maybe you sit at a desk and take calls from clients who need your help and your digestive symptoms were so bad it was interfering with your work and since getting adjusted you have no more symptoms and you have been able to take better care of your clients, they are so grateful! Your employer is grateful too! Your family is grateful you didn't get fired!

Maybe you are a nurse and you work with patients and since getting adjusted you have no more numbness and tingling, more energy, a better outlook on life, higher cognitive function, and more balanced hormone production. Because of the increase in health expression, you do your job better. Because you do your job better, patients get better results. The patient is grateful. That patient's family is grateful. That patient's friends, co-workers, neighbors, everybody is grateful, even though you will never hear it.

Maybe because you get adjusted you PREVENTED an injury, which could have otherwise laid you up on bed rest, made you unable to work and provide for your family, led to surgery or disability. Maybe you avoided sickness and disease and will never know about it. How many people are grateful for that? How grateful are you for that?

Maybe you have told everybody you know about Chiropractic, the way the body was designed to heal and function, and since then all your friends and family members now get adjusted. How many people are grateful for that?



10's of 1,000's?

"You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow."

-Dr. B.J. Palmer D.C.