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Align Family Chiropractic has recently lost someone.
Actually, I don't use the word "lost" anymore, because you "lose" something you want to find.
We've "discarded", or "shed" a whole person.
We've SHED 206.8 lbs in the last 28 days That's the size of a whole person!
We're amazed by the results of the 28-Day Challenge.
We've heard so many great stories of weight lost, clothes not fitting anymore, people commenting on your looks changing, and most importantly
Here is a recap of the challenge results:
Total weight lost - 206.8lbs
Average weight loss - 8.7lbs
~Grand Prize Winner~

Chad R.

Great Job Chad!!!! When is the barbecue??

Chad lost 24lbs in 28 days and attended almost every event, missing only the final surge class.
He did it by sticking to the Advanced Plan principles he learned at the Total Food Makeover and through the quickshops,
cutting out grains and sugars, and also by exercising 5 days a week.Here are a couple quotes from Chad about his results:
"I went with the (Maximized Living) Advanced Plan to eliminate grains and reduce sugar.
The challenge kept me on track. I was amazed at the results.
I was finally able to start dropping the stubborn fat I couldn't for years.
The Quickshops were so educational to help me make better food choices.
They were key in my new grocery shopping.
The Surge workouts were no joke and I felt it for days.
Overall, the program was exactly the motivation I needed."
So many people did amazing!

Listed below are the top 5 in Points, and the Top 5 Weight Loss Results.


1. Chad R.
2. Dyana
3. Andrew S.
4. Mark W. 5. Matt W.

1. 24lbs
2. 18.4lbs
3. 15.8lbs
4. 13.2lbs 5. 12.4lbs