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Do you want to be healthy and well?

The overwhelming majority of our population would answer with a resounding YES! Some would even look at you like "why would you ask such a stupid question?"

But if I asked your family members, your friends, your coworkers, or if I followed you around for a week, would I think "This is a person who wants to be well!"?

Our patients who get the most amazing results with their health- if you followed them around you would know that

they truly want to be healthy and well, because they do the  things necessary for health-

day-in, and day-out, and you would see that consistently.

For example, we have a patient who has been with us almost since we opened, and she battles with Multiple Sclerosis.

She has been getting adjusted regularly for 2 years now, she has changed her diet, she is religious with her adjustments and her home care,

she  has done our Maximized Metabolix advanced blood and urine testing, she takes the right supplements,

and she has told her husband (after seeing her own results) "I don't care if its 60 minutes each way, you need to get to Align and adjusted."

Well yesterday she brought her MRI report from her medical doctor's office to show us that her Multiple Sclerosis is reversing.

She said when she used to go in for a report it was always "there are more new lesions in the brain" and it continued to get worse and worse.

But with this last MRI, they reported that some of the lesions and restrictions both in the

brain and in the spinal cord are NO LONGER THERE. Her body is healing.

Do you have a chronic condition that you would like to heal? Do you have a medication that you would like to get off? Are you willing to do the things day-in and day-out for several weeks, maybe months, perhaps even years until you are healthy? If we followed you around for the past week would anybody think that you want to be well? What about this next week, are you going to let it look the same as last week? The time is now!