constant contact header_ror-01 It’s that time of year. ReSOLUTIONS. This is the year. I’m going to be different. I’m going to make a change. Just like last year right?


If you could just find the SOLUTION, you wouldn’t need to keep finding re-SOLUTIONS! Doesn’t that sound easier?


The 5 Essentials of Maximized Living are the SOLUTION to your health problems! That might sound like a bold statement, but you can’t hardly name a health problem or condition or issue that the 5 Essentials could not solve!


Sometimes we have people who ‘try’ the 5 Essentials, but they aren’t getting the results that they want or they aren’t getting well fast enough. “I’ve changed my eating habits, why am I still overweight?” “I’ve done a detox, why am I still sick?” “I’ve been adjusted, why do I still have headaches?” What’s the SOLUTION? More 5 Essentials!


  1. Is stress destroying your well-being? Is your mindset holding you back? Are you holding on to limiting beliefs that aren’t allowing your body to heal optimally? Are you doing everything you can to make sure that you are Maximizing your Mindset?


  1. Is there nervous system interference that you need to continue working on? (hint: answer = yes) Are you making your adjustments? Are you doing your homecare every day? Are you doing everything you can to Maximize your Nerve Supply?


  1. Are you 100% on your nutrition? If I followed you around for a day, would I think- “This is a person who wants to be well.” just by watching your nutrition habits? Are you doing everything you can to Maximize your Quality Nutrients?


  1. Are you still not exercising? Are you doing long-term cardio causing more harm than good? Are you oxygenating your body and putting it in the best possible position to be well? Are you doing everything you can to Maximize your Oxygen and Lean Muscle?


  1. Are you a toxic waste dump? Have you done any form of detox in the past year? Have you changed your homecare products to make sure you aren’t putting more toxins into your body? Are you doing everything you can to Minimize your exposure to Toxins and Detoxify?


The solution can always be found in the 5 Essentials. The only difference between the patient who gets off 12 medications and reverses chronic disease and the patient who DOESN’T, is their commitment level to the 5 Essentials.