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   During the holidays, our "consumer" culture is more evident than ever,

and it got me thinking -no wonder we are sick, we place more value on our STUFF than on our HEALTH!

We would rather drive a 2014 car than own a 2008 and put the savings on the payments into something like our long-term wellness chiropractic care.

We would rather stuff our stockings with sugary candy and gum than with supplements or essential oils.

We would rather get the 64" Big Screen TV than the 48" TV and put the savings into regular massage or a gym membership.

We would rather get the kids the biggest, flashiest, new plastic toys than use that money throughout the year on healthier groceries.

This year, shift your paradigm. I'm not suggesting you cancel Christmas in the name of health, but zoom out and take in a big picture view of your life - what is really most important to you and your family long-term? Stay focused on your Big Why and don't get wrapped up in the consumerism, and remember the real Reason for the season.