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This week someone was walking around the office looking at all the health information we have

on the walls and they said the old cliche "knowledge is power." This got me thinking

about how powerful "knowledge" or "information" really is (or isn't)....

"Knowledge" isn't power, the APPLICATION of knowledge is power.

Action is power.

Engagement is power.

Knowledge is a lot like a loaded gun. It has the POTENTIAL to be powerful, but only if acted upon.

Think about our society's health in the "information age" - we have more internet research,

more diet books, weight-loss programs, detoxes, oils, vitamins, supplements....

more studies leading to more articles, blog posts, debates, Facebook arguments....

we continue to gain more "knowledge" of health and healing-

but yet we continue to become LESS AND LESS HEALTHY!

You probably know somebody who is very "knowledgeable", but you wouldn't necessarily

describe them as "engaged" (think of the diet books on your friend's (or your own) shelf!).

Many people come in wanting to share their "knowledge" of health with us, but we come to find out

that they have a history of surgery, they are on 5 medications, have daily pain and symptoms

warning them, and they are clearly not "engaged" with their health.

Knowledge is wonderful, and we want all of our patients to be aware and knowledgeable about

what is out there for their health and well-being, but knowledge is secondary to ENGAGEMENT.

We want our patients and our community to be ENGAGED in their health. The information we give is

only designed to EQUIP people to ENGAGE! The reason we do things like our Weekly

Workout Class (Surge class every Saturday 8:30!), monthly Shop With A Doc Grocery Store Tours,

workshops, coupons, sign-ups- the reason for these events is to encourage ENGAGEMENT.

Health isn't a book you can read or a class you can take and learn, it's something to

ENGAGE in on a daily basis for the rest of your life,


-Dr. Taylor