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Many people today are "interested" in health and wellness and are "interested" in what we do at Align and Maximized Living through the 5 Essentials.

Unfortunately, much fewer are actually "engaged" - even though "engagement" is what is going to change their life.

Engaging in the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living is what is going to change and transform someone's health from the inside-out, not just being interested. The more engaged, the greater the life changes. That's how Lisa has gotten off 3 medications recently. That's how Brandon has lost almost 20 lbs in the past couple months.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you are engaged in your health and engaged in the 5 Essentials:

-Do you make your scheduled adjustments, or when you do miss do you try your hardest to make it up and stay on track with your care?

-Do you do your homecare exercises at home every single day, or just a few times a week? (or is your equipment still in the bag?)

-When you are in pain do you reach for the ibuprofen still, or even worse for the pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms?

-Have you read the whole nutrition book? Have you implemented it?

 -Does your refrigerator and pantry look different than it used to?

-Have you changed your exercise habits and started doing surge or MaxT3 workouts?

-Do you still use the same mainstream personal care products?

-Have you come to the Saturday Surge class, Cancer Killers, or any of the other workshops and events that we host?

Engagement doesn't mean that you are all of a sudden an expert either, but it means that you have committed to your health and your future. I always say it's often baby steps, but even with baby steps if you are stepping in the right direction and you look back to where you were a few months (or years) ago, you will realize how far you have really come. So if you feel like you aren't as engaged in your health as you should be, maybe it's time to get engaged. This month at Align we have a ton of awesome opportunities to get engaged in your health and the 5 Essentials of a Maximized Life, so please join us and begin transforming your health and your life TODAY.