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I had a patient recently who had hit a small roadblock in her health. She was discouraged, and she told me she was considering giving up. She was already down 25 lbs, she was looking better, feeling better, and most importantly- healing better. She was on the Highway to Health.

I had to explain to her to health is a journey, and on the Highway to Health you are going to hit roadblocks, you are going to take wrong exits, you may even get a flat tire, but as long as you KEEP MOVING TOWARDS YOUR DESTINATION, you will continue to be healthier and healthier. Like most highways, the highway to health goes two ways, and they are exact opposites. One direction is towards health, and it will add years to your life and life to your years. The other goes towards disease, and it takes years OFF your life, takes life AWAY FROM the years you do have, leads to more money spent on sickness, more pain, more disease, more medications, and an early death. This is the direction that most people you know are heading, they just don't realize it!

I was on a call with a doctor this morning that was sharing her story and she said that last summer the worst possible situation happened to her. Both her moms were diagnosed with cancer- her mother and her stepmother. Cancer is scary to hear and read about, but imagine how much more scary it becomes when it's your mom AND your stepmom! Both of these women were driving in the same direction- away from health and towards disease. Her mom decided to turn around. She was the first person in 5 years to refuse chemotherapy and radiation in their local hospital, she completely changed her diet, followed the Maximized Living Cancer Killers protocols, went from over 300 lbs down to 180 lbs, and is now 100% cancer-free.

She then went on to say that over the weekend, they were with family and nobody even recognized her mom. They were at her stepmother's funeral. Her stepmother had decided that turning around would be too hard, too risky, and she thought her best chance was keep going the direction she was going. Think about the reality of that situation. One grandma is going to be around for her young grandchildren, the other one won't. They won't have any memories of her, only pictures and stories. All because one decided to turn around and the other didn't.

The 5 Essentials of Maximized Living are your roadmap on the Highway to Health. Choose to follow them and you will be heading towards your destination. Choose not to follow them and you will be heading towards disease. It's a choice. You are driving.

Which direction are you going to choose?