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In today's society, we have an irrational fear of germs. We want everything to be clean, to be disinfected, to be germ-free - especially around our kids. Why? Germs cause disease right? This is another example of a fundamental flaw in conventional American wisdom that is actually causing more harm than good, and many researchers think it could help explain why there has been such a rise in autoimmune diseases in sterile, antibiotic-saturated developed countries.


Because of the misconception surrounding germs, we slather antibacterial soap on our hands 25x/day to minimize risk of infection. Here's the problem though- many of the disinfectants are dangerous! This was originally discovered when Dr. Patricia Hunt (the scientist credited with discovering the dangers of BPA in plastics) noticed that the disinfectants being used to clean cages in her lab were "causing a massive drop-off in mouse fertility." Since this discovery, research has proven that a chemical in practically everything labeled 'antibacterial' (soaps, toothpastes, household cleaners) called TRICLOSAN negatively effects the expression of testosterone and thyroid hormone, and can cause huge hormonal imbalances which lead to all kinds of health issues, including cancer.


A quick Google search will show you that early exposure to germs creates stronger immune systems - WebMD,, TIME magazine, etc. Advertising and marketing will tell you something completely different. Don't be influenced by FALSE conventional American wisdom!