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What do you think is better- being an expert in 1 or 2 of the Five Essentials and slacking in the others, or continuously growing in each Essential? You would be surprised at the number of people who excel in one or another, but rarely do well in all Five!

Es-sen-tial (adjective) - Absolutely necessary; extremely important.

All Five Essentials of Maximized Living - 1. Maximized Mind,  

2. Maximized Nerve Supply,  

3. Maximized Quality Nutrition,  

4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle, and 5. Minimized Exposure to Toxicity  

-all 5 of these are absolutely necessary and extremely important, that's why they are called ESSENTIALS!

The Five Essentials aren't new information, in fact most people know that they should be doing at least some of them (usually diet and exercise), and many people are making at least some sort of effort to improve in one of these areas. The problem comes when people only look at SOME of the essentials, and not ALL.

Nutrition is the best example. We meet so many people who are excellent with their nutrition. They are experts on what to eat, why, which vitamins come from which foods, which foods to avoid, but they are doing nothing about their spine or their toxicity levels, and they still end up with health issues, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalance, on medications, etc. You can find thousands of stories of people who said, "I don't know how he died, his diet was perfect!" I spoke with someone recently who was an expert (self-proclaimed) on diet and exercise. But they had 8 screws in their back and weren't even 50 years old! That's not Real Health.

Continuing to grow in each of the 5 Essentials, no matter where you are today, is how you can attain Real Health.  

Continue to improve each area,  whether it is:

1. Implementing new mindset strategies- yoga, meditation, affirmations;

2. Re-focusing on your spinal care- getting on track with your adjustments, doing your home rehab exercises every single day;

3. Improving your nutrition- adding in smoothies or juices, or maybe eliminating sugar and processed foods;

4. Increasing your exercise- instead of walking start doing surge exercises and getting your heart rate up into your target zone (or maybe COMING TO THE SURGE CLASS SATURDAY!); or

5. Minimizing Toxicity- throwing away some old personal care products, making DIY cleaning products, doing a detox or a cleanse.

Wherever you are at in each Essential you need to determine where and how you can improve,and keep improving, because experiencing Real Health is absolutely necessary and extremely important.

If you know anybody that maybe is doing well in one of these areas but could use work in some others, invite them to our Community Dinner this Wednesday May 28th at Sage's Café. They could be only one Essential away from Real Health, and you could be their answer.

-Dr. Taylor